Healthcare Solutions

World Class Healthcare Partnerships

We are honored to have formed partnerships with several leading healthcare facilities throughout the Midwest. Through dedicated services and high-performance document imaging technology, we deliver unique solutions to streamline workflow, reduce error, and condense waste – all for better patient care.

Keeping a Pulse on Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare is a unique industry with high demands outside the realm of general businesses. It is through our experience and feedback that COTG has developed hand crafted, one-of-a-kind solutions presented by our Healthcare specialists.

We are committed to reducing the financial impact of document production to better support everyone’s every day routine.

Did You Know…

Print volume is rising in the Healthcare field?
Early cartridge switching can cause up to 15% more waste?
Up to half of the calls at a hospital help desk are printer related?
The ROI on managed print services in a hospital can be up to 35%?

How We Can Help You:

Prescription Printing Solution

The overwhelming reality of staggering costs which accompany hospitals and other healthcare organizations surrounding automated, high volume prescription production requirements can bog an organization down. COTG understands these financial and security concerns and offers an automated CMS solution which will eliminate prescription paper, locked drawers and all security concerns.

Healthcare Composition and Delivery Solution

A variety of hospitals and healthcare organizations turn to COTG for solutions concerning the production and delivery of vital healthcare documents. By connecting directly into our clients’ system COTG can seamlessly produce and deliver crucial documents.

A few examples of documents COTG can assist with are:

Long term care documents: MAR/TAR
Billing documents
Mail order pharmacy documents: Med Guides
Vital care giving documents: Patient wristbands, face sheets and labels

Fax Solutions

In Healthcare, faxing plays a very important role especially in handling physician orders, referrals and patient information. COTG provides a suite of solutions to help Healthcare organizations with current fax server technology. From hosted environments to premise based, COTG can help ensure all our devices fax over internet protocol without the need for analog lines. We can also provide support for our on premise fax server solutions.

Supply Chain Management

COTG offers a unique supply chain management application designed to help transform: delivering speed, simplicity, and valuable data from a single cloud hosted platform. This solution has complete mobility and integrates with existing ERP’s for one or many vendors. It’s easy to use, simple to install, and provides powerful results.

Output Management

COTG offers a solution that transforms the way Healthcare organizations deal with print servers and printing from other various applications. The software interfaces to applications such as Epic, Cerner and SAP reducing the infrastructure required to deliver documents to their end points. COTG’s reporting system provides management with multiple cost saving opportunities and ways to increase job efficacies.

An example of key features that make COTG’s solution the best in the industry are:

printer driver management
self-service portal for users to find and define network printers to their workstations
secure pull printing
VDI solution that enables printer definitions to be persistent across user sessions

Electronic Document Management

COTG offers a variety of assistance within the healthcare industry’s document management services. We can provide both hosted and premise based solutions that can automate workflow.

Go Paperless

Many hospitals and clinics continuously produce a high volume of paper even though most talk about going paperless. The amount of paper exchanged in healthcare is hard to track and costly to manage. COTG can provide solutions to make this attempt a reality.

Increase Front Line Efficiency

Today’s healthcare industries are pressured to save costs, while providing effective and time reducing medical care. Implementing a document solution will not only reduce costs, but increase job efficiencies by cutting out unnecessary procedural steps.

Simplify Print/Copy Center

By deploying COTG’s solutions for web-to-print environment job submissions healthcare organizations can gain:

efficiencies for in house document production
a system for all output formats – on demand documents and variable data
savings in staff time and flexibility of working
reporting and print room job costing integrated with your network cost recovery system

Scanner Services

COTG can provide resources to help convert hardcopy documents into electronic images. We offer services, support and sales on all scanner models, such as Xerox, Fujitsu, Kodak, Plustek, and more.