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Educational institutions today are forced to comply with shrinking school budgets while demands are increasing on how to best manage the efficiency and effectiveness of technology in the classroom. COTG partners with schools to create a solution specifically designed to meet many challenges.

Schools and districts invest heavily in educational technology to improve student’s engagement and educational success. To ensure educational professional are utilizing classroom’s SMART technology to its fullest potential COTG provides state of the art training and professional development services to ensure educators are, driving student achievement and creating an innovative classroom.

How we can help you:

COTG has an impeccable approach consisting of high quality expertise, resources and ability to meet your technology needs.

Interactive Flat Panels:

Make learning come alive with commercial-grade LED panels built exclusively for the classroom.
Rated for 50,000 hours of classroom usage.
Enables students to interact, demonstrate problem-solving skills and true collaboration.


Produce interest and group discussion by simply displaying anything on your computer via HDMI or VGA connection.
Establish greater versatility within educational lessons by supplementing videos, images and other web content into the day.
Engage the classroom by digitally presenting notes and materials.
Seamlessly transition to a digital classroom by allowing students to present their material electronically.

Audio Systems:

Choose from a variety of audio options that will customize your range and portability; such as microphones and speakers.
Enhance sound distribution which will allow students to hear lessons clearly from any seat in the classroom
Smoothly integrate other classroom media such as recordings or videos decreasing the amount of strained teacher voices.

Charging Carts:

Charging is made simple and convenient to your classroom’s schedule.
Carts are well ventilated, keeping the devices cool while charging.
Securely transport and charge laptops or tablets.
Protect school assets with solution lock security, while at the same time allowing students to easily access the devices.


Integrate desktop computers into the classroom.
Sturdy desktops are ideal in classroom settings due to the larger keyboards and wide variety of monitors, displays or projectors.
Inspire active learning in our future generation by installing computer labs.

Laptops and Chromebooks:

Promote creative thinking, collaboration and communication by providing laptops anywhere at any time.
Relieve the district’s shrinking technology budget by incorporating cost saving solutions such as Google Chromebooks.
Convenient long battery life, lightweight, portable and boots up in seconds.

Document Cameras:

Immerse students in lessons that “come to life”. Everyone can feel like they are sitting in the front row while observing crystal clear images on even the smallest of details.
Create engaging experiences by capturing images, audio and video.
Generate more discussion, interaction and maintain students’ attention by displaying their work!

Conference Rooms and Specialized Solutions:

Build a customized solution for audio visual needs including conference rooms, theaters, gymnasiums and more.