COTG 360 App

The COTG 360 App allows you to manage your print fleet like never before!

When your supplies dip below a pre-established percentage, our experts are alerted and new supplies are shipped out to you right away. COTG 360 runs on your servers, takes minutes to set up and best of all: it’s free!

How It Works…

The COTG 360 App automates and simplifies meter reading activities, reducing manual intervention and delivering accurate results. The non-invasive application automatically creates a snapshot of all networked printing devices. The COTG 360 App automatically collects copy, print, scan, fax and color usage data from most standard networking devices, copiers and printers.

It automatically detects changes to your fleet, saving you time and the effort of registered additions and eliminations.

Auto Toner Replenishment

Once the 360 APP is installed and the request for toner alerts has been submitted clients can take advantage of COTG’s auto toner program. The normal trigger level is 10% toner life left. Once the trigger goes off supplies are shipped to the supply contact. The contact will receive a UPS tracking email, stating an order is out for delivery.

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  • No cost or hidden fees
  • Installed by COTG’s specialists partnered with your onsite IT professionals
  • Enterprise-level installation are supported with the ability to analyze thousands of devices
  • Removes the complex and costly engagement cycle associated with device identification and meter collection
  • Increase office productivity with minimal manual intervention
  • Delivers accurate billing results
  • Is 100% HIPPA compliant

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