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COTG Networks with Educators at NSBA On-Site Technology Vendor Day

Arlington Heights, IL – March 15, 2013 –As part of the NSBA Technology Site Visit at Forest View Alternative School, COTG was invited alongside companies like Net App, Pearson and Safari Montage, for a networking luncheon with educators and education IT experts, to share technology solutions with nearby school districts

The focus of this site visit was on District 214’s initiatives in using mobile technology in the classroom. This three day event was an opportunity for other educators to learn how they can use this type of technology to improve the learning capacity of their programs, directly from a school district that has successfully used them.

Bo Holden, Jessica Eaton and Bernie Potkanowicz, members of COTG’s Education Team, met with representatives from schools all over the Midwest and discussed all of the technology COTG has to offer.

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