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Vanguard West Suburban Medical Center Compliments COTG on Recent Partnership

Bolingbrook, IL May 17, 2012- Employees of COTG understand the importance of assuring their customers satisfaction, and often the hard work they put into their accounts goes silently unnoticed. However, it is always refreshing to hear the customer voice their appreciation for COTG’s service.

Tim Lynch, the Materials Management Manager at Vanguard West Suburban Medical Center, was working closely with Cheryl Beckman and her sales team in the Bolingbrook office to make the switch of vendors to COTG. In this process, Lynch was so impressed with the customer service that Beckman and her team provided him, that he was compelled to send an email expressing his gratitude.

“Everything went as planned,” said Lynch, “and even when things came up it was addressed quickly. I sent the email to let them know we were rather impressed. I did not get this high of quality in customer service with our other vendors. The follow up from the COTG team was excellent.” Corinne Flosi, Manager of Major Account Sales Administration on Beckman’s sales team, felt very good about the interaction with the customer.

“We went through the whole installation process with him, from training to IT set up,” said Flosi. “What the customer seems to have liked the most is that we followed up consistently and made sure he was happy from all standpoints. It’s great to get customer feedback and see all that hard work pay off.”

In an email back to Beckman, Zach Hettinger, Product Support Specialist, took the time to recognize the employees who contributed to this success. “This project would not have been successful without the collective efforts of the team,” remarked Hettinger. “Evans Quinones, Martha Bueno, Tiffany Terrill, and Lindsay Blanc all deserve credit. They are definitely the “A-Team” of COTG. Great job, everyone!”

Congratulations to Team Beckman for a job well done!

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