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COTG Sponsors Education Networking Reception

Chicago, Illinois—November 26, 2012 –COTG recently participated in hosting a networking opportunity for local governing school boards and local leaders of education on November 16th, in conjunction with the Triple I Conference. The networking reception, held at Trump Tower in downtown Chicago, was well attended with over 1,000 attendees representing over 300 school districts in Illinois.

COTG co-hosted the event with Honeywell Building Solutions, William Blair & Company, and Quest Food Management Services. The reception featured cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and stunning views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. This event provided school officials new, innovative ways to efficiently run and effectively govern their local school districts. It also presented the opportunity to exchange ideas, examine techniques, study solutions, and meet colleagues, all while preparing and inspiring the education community.

“This exciting event was very successful in giving COTG the opportunity to network with local school districts that we haven’t partnered with in the past. It opened the door to many future relationships and was a great way to thank our current clients for their continued business with COTG,” said Bill Filopoulos, VP of Sales for the Education Division.

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