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COTG Attends Tellabs Vendor Day

Naperville, IL – November 8, 2012-Every year, Tellabs holds a Vendor Convention at their Naperville location. This convention is an opportunity for employees to meet and greet with benefits providers, corporate sponsors, and business partners. As a fairly new business partner, COTG was happy to attend this year’s event. Employees of Tellabs took this opportunity to meet COTG representatives and share their thoughts on the newly installed Xerox Technology.

“Our new Xerox machine prints clear and precise, then it gives me a ‘ding’ when it’s done. It is perfect,” explained one employee.

As a part of the total solution for Tellabs, COTG is also in the process of implementing “Follow You Printing,” a unique software solution that provides completely secure printing, reduces wasteful print jobs and traces the carbon footprint for all users.

“Using (the employee’s) building security badge, they will be able to scan in at any printer in the building and be able to pull up their printing jobs,” said Brian Goetz, Solution Specialist for COTG.

With increased security and the flexibility of printing to various devices throughout their facility, many employees are looking forward to the implementation of the complete solution for Tellabs.

Tellabs is a world wide telecom provider of mobile backhaul solutions, packet optical and other professional services, with headquarters in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Brazil. Tellabs employs over 2,600 people, with 1,500 being employed outside of the US. The equipment and service Tellabs provides stretches across 100 countries around the world.

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