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We are among the nation's largest and most respected consultancy firms specializing in workflow assessment and optimization. Our business is uniquely positioned to help companies understand true cost breakdown, asset deployment, usage patterns and volumes along with the development of sustainable working practices and continuous improvement initiatives. We have successfully led Fortune 500 companies as well as small organizations - in every industry from healthcare to education and manufacturing - to achieve better financial results, improve operational efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

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  1. Define

    Understand Culture
    We'll define your company culture and business objectives to stay in-line with your organization's goals.
  2. Measure

    Inventory Your Technology
    We'll measure your entire technology inventory to determine your asset usage to better understand your current print environment.
  3. Analyze

    Analyze Usage and Capture Costs
    Next, we'll determine the total cost of ownership of your fleet and breakdown internal information processes to discover hidden, unnecessary costs.
  4. Improve

    Review Workflow and Examine Processes
    Implement an enterprise wide solution aimed at reducing operations costs by integrating updated technology solutions aimed at saving your organization money.
  5. Control

    Maintain Sustainability
    We'll conduct quarterly account reviews to ensure our COTG360 plan remains flexible to stay adapted to your business needs.


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  • Corporate Headquarters
  • 3 Territorial Ct.
  • Bolingbrook, IL 60440-4659
  • P: 630-771-2600
  • F: 630-771-2601

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